Time Management Part 2

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Last week I wrote to you on the subject of time management and after the blog was completed, I felt strongly that there would be more I could share on the subject.  Hence, the reason for Part 2!
For the majority of my life I struggled to really pat myself on the back for things I do well.  However, in recent years I have been trying to correct that.  I’ve learned that when I celebrate my achievements and things I do well, it only makes me strive to do even more, even better.   Having said that, I do consider myself to be a very organized and structured person.  In fact, I get very “out of sorts” if I feel my day or my life seems to be getting unorganized.  I spoke briefly last week about wasting time.  It is one thing to rest and relax, but it is a totally different situation when we just let life happen, and time take its course with us rather than dictating how we manage our time.  There are things in life that require our utmost attention and devotion.  If I would begin a list, at the very top would be time that we devote to God, and secondly time that we devote to our family.  In fact, God established the “first things first” practice.  He promised that if we would honor Him first, He would take care of every one of our concerns.
Do you feel that you never seem to have enough time, or you are not getting things accomplished like you used to?  At the end of your day do you feel that you have in some way neglected those things that should take priority in your life?  I will be the first to raise my hand high and admit I have experienced those times.  It is discouraging to say the least, and close behind discouragement guilt feelings creep in.  I am a firm believer and proponent of spending time with God.  It is crucial to living a successful and fulfilling life.  If God is placed at the bottom of our “to do list” intentionally or inadvertently we can expect that life will eventually begin to unravel.  It usually happens in such a subtle manner, that we do not recognize it until we reached a critical state.  Not only do we see and feel it, it becomes noticeable to those around you.  Spending quality time with God is of paramount significance if we expect the rest of our life to come into alignment.  What exactly is quality time with God?  Here are a few pointers:
Time spent talking to God  –  You may not be able to carry out an entire hour, but it is not the quantity (amount of time), it is the quality.  Time set aside for God alone, absent of distractions.Time spent listening for God to talk to you  –  Prayer is simply a conversation between you and God  — but we must remember it’s a two-way communication!Time spent reading the Word of God   –  The Bible is the best manual for life!Time spent applying what the Word saysMeditate and think on the things of God  –  Read Philippians 4
Of all the things that seem to take precedence in our busy lives, spending time with God will bring the greatest rewards!
Well that’s all for today, but I get the feeling there just might be a Time Management Part 3.  See you next week! 

Source: First Lady Denise

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